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It’s been a long time gone since the lovin' rule the world. (whoa hey)
We sing a new song to the heart of the boys and girls whoa hey. One day I was a
travelin' down a lonesome road, and let me tell you this; I was hungry and cold.
Searching for the things I didn't even know. Riding on the wind and a hungry
soul. Well then I met a man who came to me and said, “pick up your things and
come to live with me instead. Sit down by the fire to warm your head”. He make
sure all the members of my family fed. He said he had await a long time for me.
An answer to his prayer like the blowing leaf, coming just to fulfill all the
prophecy. To spread the word of love it was our destiny. He filled my heart with
love and then I knew I'd found the very reason that I trod this lonely ground. I had
never seen a loving that was so profound, so now I dedicate my life to spread
this message around. So be kind to your brother man. So be kind to your woman.
So be kind to your brother man and love you'll find!
The time has to speak of sacred thing, because within this utterance you know
our spirit sing. Angelic chimes vibrating and me chanting stoic hymn, for the Most
High fill the cup and we know it always brim. The light string connecting arm and
prismatic limb. Devotion breeding passion and it come fi cleanse the sins.
Encoded with infatuation at the godly grins. He always wins, He always wins, He
always wins lord. Illuminati with dem dirty deed. Them comin’ up with, them
comin’ up in them weak reality. Say all of their false pretense order them to feed
the need. The flow of the Almighty will transcend their idealogy. We say, on to
bigger better things. We're vibrant fractions of the One Infinity. The cellular
structure is potentiality, so keep the mind focused on what we want fi be. Well a
me say hey! So be kind to your brother man…. Its been a long time gone since
the lovin’ rule the world…. So now we spreading all this loving all around the
world, cuz love is more precious than diamonds and pearls. The best things in
your life will come for free for sure. These diamonds are useless when your heart
is pure. well I spread this loving from Monday to Monday, inevitable that it will
come teach the someday. It’s a crime to see your brother as separate. Be kind to
your brother and you're kind to Almighty! So Be Kind…


Like a moth to the flame of a candle light, you cant resist when the words pon' my
lips ignite. We take them from darkness into the light. Feelin’ all the love we
projectin’. It doesn’t matter where you think that your heart reside. From the
deepest pits and of the darkest nights. We don’t got no time so leave it all behind.
Time to see the shine we reflectin’. Elevation of your spirit into sudden flight.
Manifestin’ only good in everything in sight. We give em’ the finest concentration
cuz we're shining bright. Just bring the light…. Well, we both reading from the
prophecy day and night. When you be reading darkness I'll be reading light. The
oneness of all put up a mighty fight illuminating ego as the anti-christ. Better tell
them, tie us all together like a string of lights. The power at the end making all
things bright. Separation from source is our only plight. Illuminating ego as the
anti-christ. Light work bringing night to light. Illuminate the darkness making all
things bright. Almighty I is the anti-fight, so no more warring nooo yaay! Just
bring the light…. Well, we give em’ the finest concentration from the dawning of
creation. Light is the messenger of infinite information. Put away your hesitation,
when you feel this elevation. Darkness is absence of illumination. Just bring the


From the skies above, love like sunshine man just can't get enough. When the
rain comes down you know that times are getting rough, but life keeps moving on
and just when you think you're wrong you finding a piece of the perfection. Cuz
with the flesh we are blessed with the mind we design. Take heed from the sign.
Move right down the line. Happiness is something money cannot buy. Work from
the past and try to make it right. Well I keep falling down now and I need your
loving just to keep me up. So when I see you round' that corner I get the feeling
this is more than luck. So can i call you baby? You drive me crazy. You put love
inna me life. You make me feel so right, and I've been thinking lately I need a
lady and you come into my life and you make me feel so right. Well its the
spiritual connection of the right kind. Me feelin’ so fine. It is so divine. It doesn’t
take an Einstein to see that we will combine. The shivers up me spine climb. Me
hittin’ rewind. Well I keep fallin’ down now and I need your lovin’ just to pick me
up........ So can i call you baby?.... Say when I see you round the corner I want to
get to know ya. Come inna me life and i'll show ya. The kind of man you come to
get love from, and you’re the type of women that I want some. Well, I got the
things you wanna hear. Come near. You know that inna me arms you ain’t got
nothing to fear. So woman wipe away your tears, my dear. Spending time with
you it flies from minutes to years okay. I keep falling down now and I need your
lovin’ just to pick me up.... So can I call you baby?....


Funny how we spend our time rushing for the finish line. Never thinkin’ twice
about the preciousness of our time. Some of them got the vision and some of
them stumble and them blind. Oh what a thing we find, and again. Well some of
them run if money, and some of them run if fame, and some of them flingin’
bullets dem and playin da Babylon game. But some of them have the heart, and
some of them have the love, and some of them spread the message from the
good God above. Well all the people in the back you better move up front. This is
a revelation message. Hope its not too blunt. We're freeing up the children from
the illusion. When living for the present only love will come. Well all the people
not in front better move from the rear. You know that nothing gets accomplished
with the focus on fear. The student is-a-ready and the teacher will appear. Saida-what you cannot see you better hear. They come and sever the ties and deliver
the lies but them a shrinking in size yeah. Well evil cover your eyes as you meet
your demise as we a Disillusionize. We come as such a surprise as we drop from
the skies. Upon the rhythm it flies yeah. Well evil cover your eyes as you meet
your demise as we a Disillusionize. These lies are pressed into our minds. Our
reality thrives on these collective energy ties. They separate, and try perpetuate
a system built on hate. A capitalistic greedy state. You cannot capitalize without
your brother’s demise, but look in his eyes and now you might realize that him
and you and the sun and the moon and the stars and the trees are one. So run,
have some fun, cuz the future it is done and the present here for each and every
one. Well all the people in the back you better move up front.... They come to
sever the ties and deliver the lies.... Well you cannot feed the brother when
you're thirsty for the water. Only fools are getting colder when they're frightened
by the fire. The fire is the love and the blessing and the oneness. Mighty Jah Jah
come fi bless us when he put this love upon us…. They come to sever the ties
and deliver the lies......


We're changing the world with a golden tongue. We're triumphant in the battle
ground. The pure wisdom, it-a-de real weapon. The battle is won by the warrior,
not the victim. Prezident plus Indubious. Upliftment of consciousness is a must
aye. Lightning message from the golden tongue. Upon the system we go put
another fire. The system is so designed to pay not a mind to the things that we
say, but that’s the fruit pon the vine. We reap what we sow. We teach with our
speech. These heights of consciousness them entertainers them have if reach.
So all musician, big movie man, real sports star, priest upon the podium, speak
from your heart. Keep a golden tongue. We elevate the masses till the battle is
won. Well the golden tongue wisdom switch up the system. No use for resistin'.
Eradicate the fiction, no addiction. Never to come fi get caught up in games of
politricktion. Manifest consciousness with all our vision. We're changing the world
with a golden tongue.... We livin’ life as example. We take up off the mantle the
real design hidden in mankind the system try fi trample. The words up from the
dirt and the vision from the sun. We've all been given these gifts up from the
fathers hand. So ancient prophecy, Who will rise to lead? A compassionate heart
within the absence of greed. Oh, he who livin’ humble is a wise man indeed.
Right now is the only time that we all need. So I confess no progress come from
all di mind in distress. I digress and unless we come completely selfless, we
helpless. So artist raise up other people conscious. Be careful that you're walking
what you're talking. We're changing the world with a golden tongue.... Now you
see the masses of the people, we response fi dem. Masses of the people, we
talking fi dem. Redemption song we chanting fi dem, chanting fi dem-a-iii. Now
when you hear me talking keep quiet. Babylon your mentality is departing. Right
on top of the quick sand that is where I see you parking, and you're sparking. Bet
you never know the consciousness is getting higher! Prezident plus Indubious.
Upliftment of consciousness is a must. Hey, lightning message from the golden
tongue. Upon the system we go put another fire. We're changing the world with a
golden tongue....


Well its a hard life, but we keep on movin’. It’s a hard life, but we keep on getting
stronger. It’s a hard life, but we cannot run away. We get the wicked thought out
of the way. Anyway yes. Oh what a hard life we lead I’ve been told. Truly just a
prayer from the man who never know the manifestation of word power and the
sound. Oh when the vibes are going out and yes the vibes them going round'. All
the walls in your life got to conquer alone. A world of limitation or a clear path to
the throne. From the seed, come the tree, come the fruit for you and me. The
flavor that we savor comin' up from divinity. Well its a hard life... What you have
seen as your gloomiest days, those will be the ones you will give the most praise.
My hardest times keep my spirit primed ready tempered and tested as a
testament of life, so why fight? Embrace all with acceptance. The good and the
bad is just a difference of your perception. No matter direction life will take you
down the road, we gather the lesson with the blessing to expose. We pick up the
mic to spread the light and let it glow. You focus on the bad and you're praying to
the devil. Well it’s a hard life…. In the united states we got a problem.
Consumeristic god we've been condonin'. The Almighty God no work for
corporate, but the lords name is the best way to charge them. United states hear
the solution to purify your spiritual pollution. Serve Almighty God with your
intention. Help your fellow man with no expectation. You the see the finest statue
was a block of stone, but piece by piece the masterpiece take its form. Chip off
the block it never do no harm. You're only as good as your toughest throw down.
Well it’s a hard life.... Oh yes we get the wicked thought out of the way, and yes
the music is a blessing here to stay. And don’t you find it interesting when you
focus on the blessing that the wickedness will always fade away.


We keep lovin’, and I tell you why, because the feelin’ make ya feel so right. We
keep lovin’, and I tell you why, because the feelin, oh yes you can't deny. We
keep lovin’, and I tell you why, because the feelin, it make me feel so right. We
keep lovin’, and I tell you why, because this lovin, you could never deny alright.
I remember the days when you could-a-let go. When inna de streets you never
hear the gunshots fi echo. When every man and woman would a trust you from
the get go. Lord, just because the good lord said so, anyway. Way back in the
days when you could a know your neighbor. When food pon' a table always
reflect the honest labor. When we had a bit of culture, when a we still had some
flavor. Lord, where did all the good love go? Anyway. Alcyon Massive come fi set
the record straight. Yes, big up the game with love as we eradicate the hate with
a spiritual love and a conscious mind. Yes, bless up my people livin' inna these
end times to find love yes above anything else protect that treasure inna your
heart for there lies your inner wealth, I man, never forget where happiness a
come from. We never need if be depressed when we got Jah love. We keep
lovin'...... When I rise pon this morning to capture this feelin’. Much healing. You
ask and yes the answers revealing. Love it is the answer that is always
repeating. Loving has the power to keep the wicked retreating. So even when
they try their best to keep me down, we riding on the love with all this righteous
sound. Yes love it is the fiber on which the world is bound. We're weaving our
future like the fabrics wound. Skip Wicked would you tell me where your love
come from? It come up from the bottom yes it come from above. Alcyon tell me
why it feels so good. Me feelin’ good cuz reggae music make me jump pon' me
foot. So Spency would you tell me why this love so fresh? Me feel it through me
toe and yes it pump through me chest well. Alcyon tell me why this love so right.
It's so right join us singing bringing in the light. We keep lovin'.....


1-2-3 you can ride pon' me melody. 2-3-4 you can come asking me for more.
3-4-5 you know that’s just how we all survive. 4-5-6 when you run with Indubious.
Because we go where we want to go. Grow what we want to grow. Pick timely
from the vine. Mines yours and yours is mine. Love up me family. To me its plain
to see. We're making history with all this righteous feelin'. Because the souls
revealing. From the floor to the ceiling. It’s just the lyrical healing now, alright.
We live indubiously, we live indubiously!.... Well let me tell you how to live
Indubiously. Say when me open me mouth me speaking out impeccably, and
when me open me eyes me see a bigger family, cuz every single one of us is the
same one, you see. Skip wicked upon the mic and yes me come fi tell ya so.
Indubious definition is not to think but to know. Certain of our direction but we
don’t control the flow, cuz you no need no captain when the almighty row. Our
belief is everything building the walls of our perception. Well this is the type of
thinking that Indubious take direction. Do you control the circumstance in your
life? That is a question. You're either a victim of circumstance or a master of
intention, master of intention.... We live Indubiously..... Well if the music is your
medicine, you better take it then. Spiritual nutrition, lyrical vitamin. So when
you're feelin’ good, we're in your neighborhood. We've come to spread the light,
eliminate the fright. As far as we can tell, progress is going well. Our physical
bodies build vibration to the spiritual realm, to where the almighty dwell
mmmmokay.1-2-3 you can ride pon’ me harmony. 2-3-4 you can come asking me
for more, and more, and more. 3-4-5 you know that’s just how we all survive.
4-5-6 when you run with Indubious. We live Indubiously....


Check what we're doing, we're doing it right. We're sailing on the seal-o-psy.
We're psychedelic sailors of the seven seas, sailing through space and time.
Have you heard of the mushroom man? They say he’s a real fun guy. An ancient
incarnation from an alien land, riding on a rainbow of light. Let's go! Check what
we're doing girl. We're sailing on the seal-o-psy. We're psychedelic sailors of the
seven seas. Sailing through space and time. Have you heard of the mushroom
man?.... Funk fantastic, take you to the intergalactic, see right through you if
you're plastic, we come to change to change a rearrange your mind.


You're too rough, you're too rude, you gotta change your attitude. You're too
rough, you're too rude, you're gonna meet your maker soon.
Said a when you're traveling right down the road. You've got to see there is one
way to go. Said a life is filled up with so many signs, and yes there's signs on
both side. I say. From night to day. Get on my knees and pray. Yes that's what I
say. The righteous sound we play, whoa hey. The conscious tune we play, whoa
hey. The righteous sound we bring, whoa hey. The conscious tune we sing
whoaaaa. You're too rough, you're to rude.... You're too rough, you're too rude.
You're too rough for your own good when you're in my neighborhood. Indubious
high steppin'. We steppin like we should. My brother, he lays down that bass line
for you. Said a when we're traveling right down the road, we pay attention to the
virtuous folk. They live their lives without the grudge and the hate, and they are
feeling okay. You’re too rough, you’re too rude….


We coming inna dis lifetime, we coming like a seed to groweth into the ripe vine.
We coming inna dis lifetime. Well listen up. Presto Chango we come fi rearrangeo. You know it may sound strange-o. The vibe a gettin' raise up. Abracadabra
we're mastering the magic. Inside there is a rabbit so reach inside and grab it.
Not even batman, robin, superman could a save you. From all these wicked
demons inna dis time, they come fi change you. They try and tell you why the
science prove away the fables, saying magic isn't real to steal away the gift God
gave us. Ancient energy from the beginning of creation. No measurement can
size the rise of inner contemplation. The power of the sound will keep this evil
underground. Live life as living light and let this music be your savior. Presto
Chango... Now you see it, and now ya don't. Gone up in a vapor of the holy
smoke. Your life is a dream, don't wake before ya know. Fantastic is the verb,
blessed word as the antidote. Teach them, reach them, and keep them off the
streets. Teach them till their hearts are as golden as their speech. Watch them
use the magic that was put inside their reach to elevate the whole of mankind to
the service to humanity. Presto Chango... Sweet dreams are made of these, and
the magic from within is what will cure your disease. Better catch the feelin' quick
and it will set you free. There's nothing as fun as this spiritual huntin'. When the
special something could be right under your nose. Encapsulate the feeling,
wizardry in your control. A shockwave down your body as your fingers start to
glow. Careful cuz your powers will grow like an alakazam. God is in the heart of
the mortal man. We're blessed with the power of the creation. They steal it with
the brainwash education, but the magic will a shine through the lies dem. Presto


Originality, that is my decision. It's quality when i'm cooking in the kitchen. Well
we got the style, and we got the grace, and we got the vision. We all stand
strong, with no indecision. So go ahead, and tell me how you like it. Supply and
demand is the plan as we write this. You need what I got so I supply it. It's food
for the mind on a conscious diet. We keep rising. We never would fall. So when
we rise to the top, it is a righteous call. Yes we are blessed with success, yes. We
are blessed with success, yes. We are blessed with success, yes. We are
blessed, we are blessed, yes. We are blessed with success. The people have a
certain interest. We put the competition to rest. We're blessed with success.
Intention attracts the best. My friends, my family, my princess. Bless.
So to all the people in the street and in the market. Them a rally round' the sound
because they like it. And when they see it on the shelves, they will buy it. A sound
so fresh nobody can deny it. The sound that comes right out of my lips, no
violence. Telling people "open up your eyelids". Why? The beauty of our life is in
the silence. So quiet your mind, these words are the guidance. We keep rising....
Yes we are blessed with success.... Said a what’s the difference from a winner
and a loser? It doesn’t matter, all you have to do is choose. And if you’re
choosing that you want to be the winning side, cleanse your heart and change
your mind. God almighty will provide. We’re powerful in every way. From the
night, to the dawn, from the morning to day. It just doesn’t matter if you hear what
I say. We keep on chanting away. We keep chanting, you know that we’ll never
fall. And everybody knows that when the Most High calls it is righteous. And I say
“yes we know”. We come, gonna kill that sound right now when I get this flow.
The blood keeps boiling through my veins. Every day and night. You know that
it’s the right time to go. Okay. We just can’t waste the time, we just can’t waste
the time.


Aye aye aye. We got a little bit of time. Aye aye aye. To spread a little more love.
We not gonna make no more enemies. We not gonna make no more enemies.
No way. We not gonna make no more enemies. Because this world needs love,
this world needs love. Don’t let the music die in you, and yes I say that love is the
only chance and love is the only way for us to come together in a dis ay day and
age. So put down the money cuz the judgment coming, and I tell them say hey.
Where is the love? The thing the world was made of? That warm fuzzy feeling
that we believe in to come save us. Cuz the deep seated hatred that was created
is contagious. So we break down the cycle cuz they cant come tame us. We not
gonna make no more enemies…. Are you creative? Do you have a purpose,
something to say? Are you focusing your talent to change the world’s ways? Or is
what you got inside just too pent up with your pride to ever make it to the outside
to see the light of day. No way. We’re strong with the Almighty! So raise your
hands up to the sky and say “ooh yeah”. Cuz I say, the time a would a come
someday. So let love manifest up in every way. We not gonna make no more
enemies…. So if anybody wanna come right. Better be a clear channel for the
light. And if ever there was such a righteous cause in the universe to guide your
life. So do turn to the inner sight. And a look for the answer inside. Cuz the love
you show is the love you grow, transcending all this space and time. We not
gonna make no more enemies….


The booze that they’re drinking. to hide what they’re thinking. They’re drinking to
run away. They take another sip. They put it to their lip. They’re drinking to hide
the pain. You take another sip on your pirates rum. Ya get right down. Ya have
some fun. We take another sip like a pirate. Well come one. Well come on. You
think it will make you that chameleon, and you’ll blend right in with everyone. But
you don’t see what you will become. Well come on. Well come on. I’d like to
stand up, and make a toast to the man. Who keep our glasses full and keep the
cocktail in my hand. Well we all have something we’re running from but this
pirate’s rum is making me feel so grand. But I’ve been running so long I can
hardly stand. You take another sip on your pirates rum…. So when you rise. Too
bright for you to open up your eyes. No surprise that your devise it is revealing
and you’re losing your disguise. So why you running and you running away. You
leave behind the pieces that you’re supposed to play. And even if you think
they’re bad, those will be the pieces that you wish you had. You take another sip
on your pirates rum… Take another sip and get sick and I’ll go swerve to the side
whoa whoa. You’re running and you’re running away, you leave behind the
pieces that you’re supposed to play, and even if you think they’re bad, those will
be the pieces that you wish you had.

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