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7th Generation

When this urban situation would love to see you die
Remember roots bust through concrete everytime
Red, gold, green, blue kachina stars align
Timekeepers of the earth on the rise....aho!
Nuff a good people liven wicked in this time
They tell ya this and that and this but never look you in the eye
But the seer burns clear all the fear in this life
Let your heart remind your mouth and your mind.
Never let them fool ya’
We're coming from one ancient tribe
Peacekeeper DNA design
Neva let dem fool ya
Can't break the ties that bind
Truthspeaker warrior bloodline
Never let them fool ya
We're coming from one ancient tribe
Peacekeeper DNA design
Neva let dem fool ya
Can't break the ties that bind
So rise up, The 7th Generation
When ya system want fi' see you get chop down,
Just remember don't surrender, overcome we just grow strong
These roots are deep and when they cut us back we grow back stronger
We are the truth defenders
Cuz its a push and a strain and a struggle and a fight
And if it ain't worth dying for it ain't worth a dime
We're protectors of the truth, we're purveyors of the light
Make your spiritual design re-align
We're tribalistic magnificent intrinsic so listen, essential wisdom passed from elder to
Dont blink or youll miss it the qickness our blueprint genes holding love manifest all of
our birthrights of true bliss
Live righteous, don't fight this, invite this to open your eyelids, remind us that our light is
shining the brightest
Inite us with lineage from kings and queens born of the son so no one babylon can ever
come fight this
Sri Ram Jai Jai Ram the mantra repeating, Sri Yantra, Rig Veda, the Bhagavad Gita
Yeheshua to Buddha to Allah to Krishna, Selassie I, One God, One blood that we
the quantum mechanics and physics revisit the fact that all matter is formed as
perceived by the witness
The orbit of planets cant order or plan it the plan is not planned by hu-man its organic
....and now a word from our ancestors;
Never let them fool ya! ...

Take You For A Ride

I feel good, I feel right, I want to take you for a ride.
I want to love you from the day down to the night
I wanna love you and make you feel right.
I was waiting, and in pain.
I was feeling things would never go my way.
Now you're standing here today,
and I realize my search was all in vain.
Well there is no particular time that I would not want to rock with you.
We just can't kick it on the side when I want to be with you.
Let me tell you something 'bout the way I-man feel.
This loving you gives electric and this is the real deal.
The chemical reaction help my cellular heal, the mitochondrial reception of your
frequency field.
So come on give me loving just fi boost me immune.
We gonna bring them something with the spiritual tune.
Ya cannot keep them waiting, hope its coming real soon.
This loving fly me straight to the moon.


Well you dont hafi tell me
its time for jammy
Run tell your pops and your mom and your grammy
coming to get ridiculous
JAH as my witness
Wind up your waist with some physical fitness
Comin' to get redonkulous
Fantastic marvelous
Life is too short to be nothing but honest
Hatred is heartless
Loving is flawless
We're guiding the weak from the shade of the darkness
Its time to listen, heres your prescription
Dr. Evton tells you turn the ignition
Hey gentlemen time to start up your engine
Pump your piston if you're raw like an onion
Let go ya vanity, bring the insanity
Who cares if your thin or ya fat like a manatee.
We bringing the style because you we got the style fi bring
We ringin' the bell again because we're changing your reality
Music come fi run the world
We chant it for the boys and girls
We're jammin' on the style for sure
We come fi teach them Indubian talk
We proud to be Indubians
We tell you one thing for sure
All the righteous people wanting more ...
Step aside and give me room
Iman SkipWicked, come a sing a conscious tune
Weakhearted better run when they feel the sonic boom
The earth a run red when we step into the room (when a we chant we sing)
When we get the chance we a sweep with the broom
When a we in the dance youll be feelin it soon
Whether we in the house or under stars or the moon
Earthquake make your body shake you know what to do
Make a badmind head blow up like balloon
When we ride the riddim we a zip and a zoom
Drawn to the vibes like you was a cartoon
Indubious crew we run di room (we cool)
Whether you wearing jeans or a 3 piece suit
Whether you looking funky or you’re pretty n cute
Big up your bredren no need to be rude
Bring a smile and an irie attitude
Music come fi run the world
We chant it for the boys and girls
We're jammin' on the style for sure
We come fi teach them Indubian talk
We proud to be Indubians
We tell you one thing for sure
All the righteous people wanting more ...


What is the semblance of your soul? Lets not get it twisted.
You know we common when a we bubbling pon the natural mystic.
Too many people put their faith in the scientific.
SO learn you lesson count your blessing life is magnificent.
You know we're coming once again to wake the lion because the lion is an InI protector.
Don't be dissin' my creator cuz one day you'll need him to save ya, save ya soul.
Not everything that glitter and shimmer is gold.
Too many good people getting stuck in the mold.
I aint no jello fellow and I want to keep flyin'.
Gather up your vibes, change your life, wake the lion.
We come to Wake the Lion
We blaze ganja smoke to Zion
We come fi blaze di fiyah
and we chanting down chanting down babylon (wan fi tell dem say)
Never take me for fool. When a me bring the style me hafi bring a typhoon.
Midnight till noon dis-a the wickedest tune!
Dhirentula engineering, you're hearing' it too.
Gather up the vibes and all the witnesses who
Overstand the badman and big fish we fryin'.
Live the prophecy like the Aztec and Mayan.
Upon the most high is what we rely on.
Slew the beast, at the least, wake the lion.
Its not a gesture. It's just a miraculous synchronicity, a treasure, an omen like a feather.
It doesn't matter whether the weather is wetter or better
because these words will wrap you up and keep you warm like sweater in the winter.
Dropping ancient wisdom like Splinter.
Youre a shredder concerned with your power, and your money doin' better.
But light warrior we give em something to remember.
Tough like a timber january to december. So keep it limber.
Flex in the wind like a cedar, a bobber and a weaver, a medicine believer.
Open up your heart to the vibes that we trying'.
Take your time, change your mind, wake the lion.


We Are Infinite
Star Dusted Human Satellite (once again I tell them all)
We are Infinite
All man a praise up the Almighty I
I am the light inside of you your are the light inside of me
We are the filament inside the heart of infinality
We come fi spread our light and shine so brightly you will see
We're connected at the root and are one eternally
If you wanna a take a lesson just to open up your eyes
Let us all be reunited with the part that never dies
The vehicle your driving will return again in time
And the cycle will repeat as an offering.
Blessed is the love and the sound from within.
Spirit has no end and you cant find no beginning.
What a humbling honor and responsibility, to be a satellite it is an opportunity.
We come fi cut away the ego and obliterate the me.
We bring about the wego and eccentuate the we.
Accelerate the healing of the one community so we facilitate the being of a new reality.
So dont fear, dont hate
reserve your time for your hope and your faith
better realize before you find its too late
loving is the key into a heavenly state
so me say..
Forgive your idren
Uplift your children
Life it is a canvas for your love and your wisdom
Darkness is a death and a pessimists vision
Loving is light shining through optimism
Children of the covenant prepare
Open up your minds to spread the light and be aware
In this time of prophecy we all must take care
To free up all your vision from the prison of despair
Spread a little happiness to everyone who'll hear
To chant down babylon to anyone who has an ear
To all of all the children without food or clothes to wear
To all the evil doers who need love to see things clear
To all the families and victims of our Earths repair
We will never die we only move away from here
So while we're all alive its time to rise and wipe your tear
See your higher self and all the love you've come to share
Value what is real and what is heart and what is pure
Cultivate compassion love your life and leave your fear
and maybe in this time of confusion we will see
We are all reflections of the Almighty .... so it goes

SLEDGEHAMMER (original tune by Peter Gabriel)

Well this a real big tune inna di reggae version.
Indubious and Gaudi full of innovation.
We work hard upon the foundation, reggae rock rootstronica sound.
Well i could be your big dipper going around the bend.
A big sledgehammer or your very best friend.
Coming to bring the style to help them all comprehend.
London back to Oregon (magic)


Its gonna be a bright day
Im gonna do it my way
I don’t care what nobody got to say
Im living love and I’m never gonna stray (ok!)
Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it wild? How we grow to Gods just from a little child?
Cursing the whole world, while all the while, we could be BLESSED and everything is
We are all made of stars, yes we are all made to shine.
Little puzzle pieces of the bigger design
Branches and leaves sitting on the tree of life
So learn your roots if ya want to stay alive
Well its a rough road and a rocky road, but no we never give up momentum like a
cannon ball.
We just keep on troddin’, never forgotten to stop for a whiff of flowers in the garden.
Its not uncommon just to lose your sight but if you are not having fun then you're not
doing it right.
We write, upful words with the right vibration cuz this the kind that please my soul.
It doesn't matter them level of comprehension because we penetrate into them soul to
give them this elevation.
We write effortlessly. The best will agree that spiritually love is currency.
If loving is the richness of life, then I know for sure I am the wealthiest guy.
Again I say, If loving is the richness of life, then I know for sure I am the wealthiest guy.
We are the manifestation of right
How you live your life is up to you to decide
Complain about the road or enjoy the ride
Learn to see the dark cast away by the light
You can be joyful, you’ve earned the right
When you see yourself never give up the sight
Stand up for truth in the face of the fight
Love is the answer, no way to deny….


Ask me the question, I will show you the answer
Ask and Ill show you the way….
I see the holy one, transcended from the Sun
From a time that has not yet begun
Reflected in the Moon, shining light in the room
From a time that is coming soon
This is real life, covered up by the system
Ignorance is suicide, in a spiritual prison
Time is the master, life’s moving faster
But I aint no slave…..
I'm individual, separated by the mind but in soul we are wholly intwined
It's egotistical, my perception of my life, but i'm trapped in a tunnel of time
It's not an easy life, in this realm of existence.
So we should unify. No need to put up resistance.
And now if time is the master, it keeps moving faster
But I ain't no slave…..
Well I aint no slave
They try fi lock me up and put me in a cage but then we tell you that we aint no slave
They try fo hold me down but then we misbehave but then we tell you that we aint no


Well we will unite. We standing firm with a higher vibe. A proposition to shine the light.
You lack that vision well heres the sight, InI
Proposition, Proposition, a proposition, a proposition hey hey
Revolution, revolution, a revolution, a revolution hey hey
Rainbow nation, rainbow nation, a rainbow nation, a rainbow nation hey hey
Proposition, a proposition…..
Well we rise again, shining like the sunshine my friend.
Looking for this love to return, return, return.
Well we've got to find a way. We're living with this world in dismay.
We're going to have the earth to repay, repay, repay, no way, no way.
Well we fixin' all the problem, fixin' and resolving them, fixin' what is troubling, fixin' what
is puzzling.
Combining Spirit with the science mind.
Thats when the realities unwind.
We’ve got to find the time
To explore inner space, to develop the mind
Aint nothing gonna change till we change the eye, change the I, change the I
Cause he who walk the line, gets as much darkness as he gets sunshine
Eliminate the hate with a faith in rights, a faith in rights
If you got a gold tongue, hold on, you’re strong, you’re strong
If you’ve got a golden tongue, hold right on, you’re so strong, so strong….

Babylon No Bless

Children of the world gather round say
Billionaire be the root of the worlds pain
99% scraping for the crumb
One-world government keep creating the slum
Time to grab the dragon by the tail…
Well babylon want fi kill them with the blunt knife
But I-man want fi bless them give them more life
We come fi switch it up and trick them from the backside
Firelight catalyze illuminate the divine
Babylon come fi trick them with the stop sign
But ini come fi bless them give them green light
I am deliberately operating precise
transform wicked heart lovin all, my device
It wont suffice the price that we pay it is twice what we make
When we toil day to day
The wage of a slave in the land of the brave
So we occupy, we come fi change the pace.
One deya One deya
one day, love will redeem us
Let that day be now
One day, we'll see through our foolish
let that day be now

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