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"Live Indubiously"



 "For me that's one of the most original, refreshing pieces of reggae music i've heard in a long time. I think its really special.


-David Rodigan in response to hearing the song "SEE SHARP" off the new album "FROM ZERO"


Spencer and Evan Burton are two brothers, musicians, philosophers, and motivational public speakers born with an incurable genetic condition called Cystic Fibrosis. Despite being told they would die in their teens by doctors, the two brothers had an intuitive knowing that they had profound ability to not only live a healthy and vibrant life, but that everyone possessed this ability. Despite their challenges, they were both driven from a young age to not only triumph over their circumstances, but to genuinely see their disease as a blessing - a divine teacher that could help them and others no longer live in fear of anything they may experience in life. Instead, to embrace the cards they were dealt with ultimate faith in the perfection of the universe, and to help show others that it was no different for them and that anything is possible with the right perspective.


Both Evan and Spencer had undeniable music talent from their early childhood, as well as a rare connection as siblings that blossomed into the birth of Indubious - a reggae based 3 piece band, with inspirational lyrics professing the power of love, bravery, knowledge of self,  and the strength of positive thinking, speech and actions. Evan (35) and Spencer (38) write, perform, and produce all of their music themselves - as well as growing Indubious into an internationally touring powerhouse, performing over 100 times a year to an ever expanding die-hard fan base. Their 5 studio album “Beleaf” recently hit the #1 spot on the Billboard charts for reggae. The word “Indubious” itself is a mantra on their deeply inspirational life, translating to “living without fear, undoubtful of ones path”.


The brothers fully believe in walking the path they speak about in their lyrics, despite Evan’s double lung transplant and Spencer’s frequent hospital stays, they stay true to what they believe and continue to perform their gifts for others who may be in need of healing and positive perspective themselves. “People learn from example” says Spencer “By my working on myself, on my own self love, care, and respect - thats the best thing I can do for you or anyone.” “Its not the uttering of positive words that inspire us, its when you know the person saying them has applied them to his or her own life no matter how scary, faced the dark parts of the soul, and found the stillness and beauty inside against all odds - those are the people that inspire us. ”



Evan and Spencer Burton are available for podcasts, interview,

and speaking engagements as well as for performance.


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